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Asylum CollaboraTIVE (ACTIVE) Chicago is a medical student-run non-profit organization committed to helping survivors of human rights abuses and combating systemic injustice.

About Us

ACTIVE Chicago was founded in 2019 by an interdisciplinary group of physicians and medical students as a branch of Physicians for Human Rights. We aim to address the needs of asylum seekers in Chicago by working alongside our local collaborators to fulfill a tangible need for free forensic medical evaluations. We also aim to fulfill our role as an educational resource by training current and future healthcare professionals in providing forensic evaluations and medical affidavits.

Our partners

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)
Physicians for Human Rights is a US-based not-for-profit human rights NGO that uses medicine and science to document and advocate against mass atrocities and severe human rights violations around the world. PHR headquarters are in New York City, with offices in Boston and Washington, D.C. Our referrals for forensic evaluations are received in part through the PHR network.

International Human Rights Clinic (IHRC)
The International Human Rights Clinic at UIC John Marshall Law School is a non-profit, non-partisan legal clinic dedicated to the protection of human rights in the U.S. and around the world. IHRC advocates for human rights in international and domestic tribunals as well as in other forums. They provide resources and research to aid in public education and outreach. Many of our referral for forensic evaluations are received from IHRC.

The Midwest Human Rights Consortium (MHRC)
MHRC is a referral network of multi-institutional and interdisciplinary professionals who perform trauma-informed forensic evaluations for individuals seeking asylum in the U.S. MHRC is a program of the Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics comprising major medical centers, universities, and legal organizations serving immigrant populations that establishes a centralized and coordinated referral system between legal, medical, and mental health providers; builds the forensic workforce through ongoing training and mentorship; supports the development of asylum clinics; and facilitates research and data collection.

Request an evaluation

ACTIVE Chicago maintains a network of physicians, advanced practitioners, social workers, and clinical psychologists. We do our best to match you with your requests. Please be detailed and clear in your responses to best help us meet your needs.

To submit an evaluation request, please fill out this form.
Please feel free to contact with any questions.

Please note the following about asylum evaluation requests:
1. Due to COVID-19, we are presently providing primarily psychiatric forensic evaluations via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing.
2. Asylum evaluation requests should come from the attorney or law student representing the client.
3. Requests made 6 weeks or more in advance will have a higher chance of approval and completion.
4. Our mission is to give asylum seekers access to a free medical or psychiatric forensic evaluation for their asylum hearing. As such, we primarily work with attorneys representing pro- or low-bono clients.
5. At this time we are not able to provide interpreters for each case as this is dependent on the languages spoken by our clinicians & membership. You will be required to provide an interpreter for the client.
6. It is our policy to include trainees in the evaluation process. If your client is not comfortable with trainees observing the evaluation, your case can be referred to an independent evaluator through the Physicians for Human Rights Network.

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